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Light, but not as we know it

Posted by Rachel Thomas on

My normal product photography set-up - even on the hottest day of the year, the lights make the room look dull in comparison.
One of the major learning curves for me over these last few months has been Photography. Product photography to be precise. 
I read articles online and got advice from friends, but nothing compares to just having a go. Doing it yourself, making the mistakes and then trying again. It's one of the only things that I completely underestimated (the other being my desire to purchase ALL THE HABERDASHERY).
It seems that light is not all it's cracked up to be, and when you take photos, colour and light can look completely different through a lens. When photographing a run of the same things - say different coloured thread reels for instance, the different colours make the background change colour, even if everything has been kept completely the same.
I quickly learnt that although I was striving for perfection for my photo backgrounds, the colour of the item was of much more importance. Using good daylight bulbs, photographing on a (British) sunny day, and using the photography cube I purchased, meant that I could get good average background.
They do vary, which bothers me slightly, but that means there's no messing with the exposure in post-photo editing, and therefore the colour of the items remains as true as I can get it. As an online retailer, I feel like I have a clear conscience in that although monitor colours may vary, I have done my part to show the colour in as purer form as possible.
The photography takes time, but it's a part of the site that I'm begging to enjoy and get to grips with. Improvising as I go!
Here's a photo of my gorilla-photography set up for the last Blog post's photo... clothes pegs, scraps of fabric, stools, boxes, blue tack and all...

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