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Darn It!

Posted by Rachel Thomas on

Among my many New Years Resolutions this year was one to 'Waste Less'. Food, fabric scraps, clothes, money, time... a general rule for life really.

Last month, I noticed my favourite foxy socks were developing a hole. In utter despair, I threw them in the bin, only to promptly fish them out again. Darning holes in socks is something that I do regularly at work and I shouldn't be so lazy not to just darn my own!

The aim of the darn is to replace the weave in the yarn and consequently fill in the hole. My socks weren't quite at the point of hole-ing and the weave was still there, just very, very thin and thread bare. I set about filling in the existing weave with the wool Darning Wool.

All it took was one evening in front of 'The Scandalous Lady W' and Ta Daaa!! My foxy socks - restored to... well, not quite their former glory, but they're back in circulation and I'm very happy about that!


If you want to give it a try, you can buy your very own Darning set here! Think of all the socks you could mend!

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