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Back to School

Posted by Rachel Thomas on

At the launch of my Back to School selection, I've begun to get all nostalgic about University and the time I spent there. 

Looking back, I only have this very lovely rose tinted version of how amazing it was: An eternal summer, sitting an eating lunches outside in the sunshine; a short 15 minute walk from my student house to the campus (and thinking that was a hefty commute!). Making friends that I'm still in touch with now and going out and having fun.

However, when I look closer and the hazy mist of good memories drifts over I remember how incredible hard it was. We worked really hard, and the pressure that we all put on ourselves to do well was immense (and that was before the insane fee increase). It was about pushing yourself to the limit of your potential to grow and achieve as much as possible in those 3 years.

Going to University was the best thing I ever did. It allowed me to move away from home and grow up, and even though it sometimes consisted of 4 hours sleep and a stressful hand in, it taught me so much. Persistence, determination, not giving up if something goes badly, but to get on and try again faster because you've got less time now! It not only got me to where I am now, it changed me into a more confident and social person.

Someone at work asked me if I'd ever do it again and I had to think twice, yes... but no. Definitely no.

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