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My Top 5 Shoe Care Tips

Posted by Rachel Thomas on

Sometimes the simplest ones are the best, and this one reminds us that all these things need are a bit of time and thought. Patent shoes can be simple to take care of, and they are more often the not have the more rewarding finish!

This one was a lot of fun to try out as I wasn't really sure whether it was a bit of an old wives tale style tip. It did in fact, work and brilliantly too. The fake blood stains were easily removed by gently wiping them with nail varnish remover on a cloth. This is also a technique that is meant to help with the removal of scuff marks on patent leather shoes, but unfortunately I didn't have the right kind of shoes to test that theory out.

Another simple and yet effective tip. Brushing the shoes can help reduce the amount of dirt, and help keep the nap maintained making all the difference to the suede. Regularly protecting it from rain is always advisable to help prevent water damage and staining.

Everyone must have been in this situation at one time or another. I'm not really a heels person, but these are my wedding shoes, and I knew that I was going to be in them all day so I needed to make sure they were super comfortable, and it worked!

Last but not least, my reminder that maintaining leather is as important as washing your clothes. A good pair of shoes can last a lifetime when properly cared for and if you do anything then it is worth just conditioning the leather once in a while to prevent it from drying out, cracking and eventually failing.

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