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The Knitting and Stitching Show 2016

Posted by Rachel Thomas on

Strangely enough I've never been to a Sewing show before, there is usually work in the way, a show to prep for and I must admit, I've just not really been that aware of them existing. Since immersing myself more into the wider sewing community over the last couple of years (not just the costume world) I've heard so much about them that I couldn't wait to get my tickets to one this year at Alexandra Palace.

I roped my sister into coming along too although she didn't take much persuading, she is a new sewer and keen to learn more. We signed up for a workshop and prepared to get excited!

We had an excellent day.

Despite my Sat Nav taking us on a rather hair raising drive through Central London, we arrived just in time for a workshop on Incredible Invisible Zips with Celia Banks from Sew Fundamental Ltd.

I was never taught how to put a zip in at uni. I know - three years and no zips! They were considered bad practice due to them 'always' breaking in a quick change - as if the theatre costume industry can exist without a single zip?! I've always just totally blagged my way with zips, and half guessed. It was so exciting to be taught not only how to put them in, but also how to do it in an easy and simple way, with amazing results! Thankfully Celia didn't mind that I bought Elliot along for the tutorial too, and a special thanks to the Workshop Assistant who gave him a hold and entertained him for a little bit so I could have a go on the machines.

My Incredible Invisible Zip Sample


That got the day off to a great start. Post workshop we had a quick tea break (and a much needed nap time for Elliot) and then it was off to the stalls. 

Luckily Lizzie has a better sense of direction than me, I found it completely disorientating and didn't know which way I'd just come from most of the time. We had a meander around them all, and stopped at a few. It was pretty overwhelming with the amount of stalls. 

In particular our highlights were The Eternal Maker, where I bought some beautiful Cotton Jersey and a Two Stitches pattern to get started on babygrow production, and also TOFT a Crochet and Yarn company. They had the most amazing stall and concept that I could have spent hours looking at, we ended up buying their Edwards Imaginarium book which allows you to mix and match monster features! I highly recommend getting it in time for Christmas present making - especially if you have any young children to make for.

On the whole it was a fantastic experience, where everyone was friendly and welcoming and we will definitely be going again! Maybe next time we'll have a stall... who knows!

Us all after our excellent day out to the Knitting and Stitching Show 2016


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